Future Racer

Reviewers Comments

‘Can probarbally be regarded as one of the purest racing games on the iPhone’ – Geeks.co.uk

‘Future Racer is fun, it’s fast, and it looks great.’ – AppleTell.com

Future Racer has pushed me into a bit of nostalgic gameplay. Fast and artfully designed, Assyria Game Studio’s title is in some ways, the F-Zero of a new age’ – TouchMyApps.com

Game Description

The incredibly slick Future Racer is a high-speed, anti-gravity racer boasting fully 3D environments and a wide range of fiendish tracks set to test your reflexes to the limit. From complicated toxic sewer networks, winding forests littered with hazards and illuminated night-time cityscapes, each of the six tracks are bursting with character. Future Racer strikes the perfect balance between delivering high speed thrills and impressive visuals, without compensating style for speed.

Integrating full tilt control, the game is easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, with skilled AI players and the ongoing pressure of racing against the clock. Moving away from combat-based pickups, Future Racer focuses purely on speed and skill, with power-ups including speed boosts and subtracting precious seconds from your finishing time.


-Simple accessible controls utilize the iPhone and iPod Touch tilt functionality.
-Six wildly different tracks and six racing vehicles with differing strengths and weaknesses.
-Compete against fiendish AI players to unlock medals and trophies.
-A collection of beneficial pick-ups to utilize throughout each race.
-Visually stunning full 3D environments.
-Fully licensed soundtrack from Triptik.
-Online leaderboards.

The Glowing Void

Reviewers Comments

‘”Monumentally addictive” – 8/10 – Eurogamer.net

‘It represents that innocent, pure simplicity that can potentially keep you hooked for hours, and you will wonder just how it does it.’ – Score: 4.5/5 -knowyourmobile.com

‘This game is a great little grab’ – fraggs.net

Game Description

To play the game you must fill up at least 70% of the screen with as large circles as possible while avoiding a number of red dots of an unknown entity. The game is made harder because the red dots are dynamic and bounces around all over the display. The control mechanism is highly unique: You touch the screen to begin, avoid the dots at all times, and the longer you keep pressing, the larger the void (circles) become, and the more points you score before letting go! Tilting the device will alter the direction of gravity, allowing the red dots to be trapped by circles or voids already created! If you get hit by a dot, a life is lost, and by completing 70% of the screen you progress to the next level. It’s entertaining; it’s simple, and it’s fun!

As you become better at the game and progress throughout the levels, additional red dots appear making the game increasingly difficult. The game includes a unique ‘Burst’ mode in which the circles or voids fade away after being created, and your focus is on achieving the maximum score with only 3 lives.

Additional features include high-score tables using Agon Online, and support for Twitter and Facebook.

Mirror Maze

Mirror your movements in Mirror Maze, a brain-bending maze game. Your task is simple, get your player from the top left of the screen to the bottom right of the screen. But your position is mirrored by another player, don’t let either touch a wall or it’s game over!

Features include animated levels, warp gates and more, all enclosed in a wonderfully bright and unique art style.

With it’s hypnotic back music and simple concept this is the perfect puzzle game to get immersed in to help you relax.

Additional features include high-score tables using Agon Online, and support for Twitter and Facebook.

Astro Dodge

Dodge asteroids in AstroDodge!

The Earth is in a dire situation. All means of power generation are failing and humanity has been forced to turn to the stars for salvation. Your mission is to collect nano-plasma, a material with massive energy potential and help maintain the survival of earth and mankind.

Additional features include leaderboards with Open Feint.

Our Services

Assyria Game Studio are able to produce all the required elements needed for any 2D or 3D game. We can develop for PC, iPhone, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable and the Web, and are able to help with anything from full projects to individual art assets.

We have a very transparent approach to our work, all our clients are given access to the same 24/7 web based system we use to handle our internal milestones, giving you the peace of mind that your project is on schedule.

We also try to add value to all of the projects we work on. All our iPhone games come with Facebook and Twitter integration, along with high score leaderboard and achievements systems as standard. We will work with you to expand and unleash the potential of your product.

iPhone Dev

 iPhone Games And Apps

With a number of completed iPhone games to our name this is an area we have a great deal of experience in. Our expert team are able to produce high quality Apps and Games. What’s more all of our iPhone games come with Facebook and twitter integration along with an achievements system as standard at no extra cost, helping you maximise the exposure of your app or game.

Code Programming
With experience in Gameplay, AI, Physics and Sound Programming look no further if you need help implementing any solution.

Artwork 3D/2D Artwork
Whatever your needs, be it 2D or 3D, we use industry standard technology to produce a variety of concept work from promotional artwork, to orthographic reference concepts.

Our team aims to produce beautiful, highly optimised in-game models fully textured, animated and rigged to fit seamlessly into your pipeline in whichever model format you require.

Promotional Promotional Artwork
Our professional art team can produce promotional artwork for your games and products to a incredibly high standard. Helping with logos, branding, product packaging and more.

Playstation 3 Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable Games
With access to the Infernal Engine we are able to develop for Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable. This proven AAA technology was recently used to create the hit game ‘Ghostbusters’ for Playstation 3.