The Glowing Void

Reviewers Comments

‘”Monumentally addictive” – 8/10 –

‘It represents that innocent, pure simplicity that can potentially keep you hooked for hours, and you will wonder just how it does it.’ – Score: 4.5/5

‘This game is a great little grab’ –

Game Description

To play the game you must fill up at least 70% of the screen with as large circles as possible while avoiding a number of red dots of an unknown entity. The game is made harder because the red dots are dynamic and bounces around all over the display. The control mechanism is highly unique: You touch the screen to begin, avoid the dots at all times, and the longer you keep pressing, the larger the void (circles) become, and the more points you score before letting go! Tilting the device will alter the direction of gravity, allowing the red dots to be trapped by circles or voids already created! If you get hit by a dot, a life is lost, and by completing 70% of the screen you progress to the next level. It’s entertaining; it’s simple, and it’s fun!

As you become better at the game and progress throughout the levels, additional red dots appear making the game increasingly difficult. The game includes a unique ‘Burst’ mode in which the circles or voids fade away after being created, and your focus is on achieving the maximum score with only 3 lives.

Additional features include high-score tables using Agon Online, and support for Twitter and Facebook.

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